Coaldale Mennonite Church (CMC) has been a part of the Coaldale community for a lot longer than you might realize. With a small congregation made up mainly of Mennonite immigrants and refugees from the Soviet Union, our first home was shared with local school children - in 1928 we began meeting in a small schoolhouse.

After a while, we decided we could use our own space, and the first church building was built in 1932-33; nothing more than a basement with a roof. Though it was small, it was used for numerous activities, including Sunday morning services. In 1936, it was decided that more space was needed, so a first floor was added, doubling the church's square-footage.

Just over ten years later it came time to expand again - the growing congregation could no longer be accommodated in such a small space. So in 1948-49, an extension was added to the front of the church, allowing the entire congregation to enjoy Sunday services in the sanctuary, under the direction of Rev. F.W. Dyck, and the choir to practice there as well, leaving the basement for the Sunday School program. This building presently houses the Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church.

As the congregation continued to grow, CMC decided to build a new home, beginning construction in 1957, in our present location. With the help of many volunteers, Jake Klassen Construction Ltd completed the middle (and original) section of our current building in May 1958. Ever expanding, October 1980 marked the completion of a new Education Wing, and in October 1995 an administration wing and foyer were added.

We have long been involved in our community, participating in town events, and hosting community events, both as a church, and as individuals.