CMC offers an almost endless number of opportunities for women - including leading worship, participating in worship arts, ushering, teaching Sunday School, etc., etc.

There are some ministries that are specifically geared to women, though, and that is what this page is for!



Blanket Tying - Under the direction of the Goodwill Club, many, many quilts are put together each year in our Fellowship Hall. These all make their way to people in need. Check the weekly bulletin for dates and times!


Soul Sisters - This is our newest addition to Women's Ministries. Meeting bi-monthly, this multigenerational group gets together for a Saturday morning breakfast, time of reflection & prayer, and always rounds off the morning with an activity of some kind! This is a great time to connect with fellow women of faith. Contact Deb Chapman ( for more details.


Goodwill Club - This long-standing club meets for weekly Bible studies, as well as taking on various projects throughout the year.